Why we do what we do:

testimonials & stories from our moms

 "I'd like to thank you so much for your unconditional support before baby Nifemi came and even after she came.  I never knew I could do it because I was not ready.  But I was able because of you.  You are always ready to answer my questions which made me feel like I could do it.  Every time I look at my baby, I always think about how much you have there for us and how happy I am.  Thank you so much Life-Way."


 "Life-Way has done so much more for me than just giving me stuff.  Miss Cristal and Miss Jane have me hope that I could give my kids the life I'd like to.  They gave me encouragement through out to make me want to be the best I can.  They gave me a pat on the back when it came to doing well in school and they have been there any time I needed them and they haven't ever made me feel like I owe them anything.  They promoted nothing more to me than LOVE.  They were my first and biggest stepping stone in my recovery from a depressing and hopeless attitude toward life.  I still struggle a lot but I am as happy as I've been in years and I have gotten my faith back."

 "Everything has been wonderful and I have learned so much. Life-Way was an unexpected source of help for me.  The people at Life-Way care for parents and children who need help.  I can't express in words how grateful I am.  There is someone there to ask how you feel.  Just knowing that someone cares about me changes everything.  Going to Life-Way weekly during my pregnancy was a joy.  I could talk about my needs, concerns and fears.  Life-Way is there to help parents care for their children and give them a loving home."