Baby Bottle Campaign

 Our 2018 Baby Bottles are ready to go and we are anticipating another great return! Last year we raised $30,119…Loose coins dropped into a baby bottle can make a big difference!

If you are not familiar with it, it’s the easiest way to help us financially. Here’s how it works: we give you bottles, you pass them out to your church/group, they get filled with coins, bills or checks, you collect them and we count the money. We will even notify you of your total so your group will know just how much their gift is helping.

 If your church or small group would like to participate, please contact us. 


2017 Campaign Results

33 churches & groups participating

2,345 bottles distributed

$30,119 raised

How it works:

 Whether you are a church, business department, social club, family or an individual, the Baby Bottle Campaign is easy and doesn't use money that you'll miss.  You can do it any time that's convenient for you.

Simply contact the office and tell us the number of bottles needed.  We deliver to you or you can pick them up and distribute them to your group. Take a bottle home or to work and fill with loose change, cash or check (made out to Life-Way Pregnancy Center). We can pick up filled bottles or you can drop them at the office after 3-4 weeks.

If you are a group we will notify you of your total contribution. Individuals requiring a total can notify us ahead of time.

Tax receipts are only sent if requested.

To join our Fundraising Planning Team, please Contact Us at our office.