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Whatever your reason for visiting our website, I'm glad you did. There is always so much going on at Life-Way that it can be difficult keeping everyone informed.  Please check all of our web site pages to keep updated.

People look for us online for many different reasons.  Some are looking for volunteer opportunities, and we have many available. Others are interested in our financial reports to see how we spend our time and money.  Then there are those who want to be a part of our fund raising events.  And some may be searching for services or want to know how many people we serve.  You will find details for all of these things here.

We love showing off photos of our precious little ones and our Moms and Dads learning good things in our classes.  There are some before and after photos of our office updates that we are still excited about two years later!  And if you're interested in our fund raisers, we have some photos of those too.

You will find a lot of information on this web site but our doors are always open for you to visit.  We love when people stop in to take a tour and talk a bit more about what we do.  So, if you are in the area during our office hours and have a couple minutes to spare, pop in and say, "Hi!"  Or maybe you have some questions and can't find the answers here.  Send an email, Facebook message, or give us a call.  We would love to hear from you.

Everyone at Life-Way understands this is God's ministry and we depend on many of His people to keep it running.  If you are already helping us in some way... thanks!  If you are here because you are interested in joining us, I hope you find a place.  Because this is a ministry for the Body of Christ in Latrobe, Indiana, and surrounding areas to labor together in sharing the love of Jesus Christ with the community.

Serving Him for Life,

Cristal Evans, Executive Director